Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 72

"Mom I wish I wasn't sick."
"I'm not feeling the best today"
"I wish it wasn't winter so I would not be sick."
I have been hearing these and many other laments from Miss Kate today. Not that I blame her. I'm still not feeling the best either. But hopefully that Princess Noodle Soup will help. I'm so happy that she has her appetite back today.
It has been a day pretty much devoted to Katy Time. Kaitlyn's fever continued through the night, waking her (and me) up at 2AM for an hour of cartoons while we waited for the Tylenol and the wet rag on her forehead to do its job. I called the doc first thing and took her over there a few hours later. Ty ended up going over to grandma's which left it just us girls - a situation Kaitlyn loves. The prognosis, inconclusive but we are treating her for sinus infection just in case. We got her RX filled then had lunch and ran a couple of errands. Once we got home we've had a lot of cuddle time while watching a movie. She can't get enough of the cuddle time.

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