Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 92

I spent the day doing "recovery" from the trip. Everyone slept in and then we took it slow, with me slowly working my way through the laundry and unpacking. We also spent some time outside with the kids playing in the new 12" of snow and me shoveling it. (ick) The kids I think are enjoying being back at home and rediscovering all their toys because they have entertained themselves pretty well today. The cutest part of the afternoon was when Kaitlyn brought Tyler out, both of them wearing their Mickey ears (that I had forgotten to pack for the trip! I didn't beat myself up too much because they were the only things I had forgotten this time). I took a quick photo and the disappeared back to Katy's room, to return a few minutes later even more decked out. Kaitlyn requested that I find her some flowers and told me they were having a "Mickey Wedding." She then presented me with 2 dress-up rings and told me to walk in front of her and Tyler. At this point Ty decided he was done cooperating so Katy and I ended up doing the wedding without the groom. :)

1 comment:

  1. Cute hats! My girls always have pretend weddings. They take turns being the groom but usually they make Hailee play the part.