Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 91

Headed home - what a long drive! We all just wanted to be home and it seemed to go on forever and ever. And poor Ty. He took a nap but it didn't last long and he is awful when that happens. Whining and crying for hours. Seriously. No matter what I tried it just went on and on. Sam finally yelled TYLER! and scared the poor kid. So he pouted behind his hands for a few minutes before finally settling down and letting us finish the rest of the drive (another hour and a half) in relative peace. When we stopped for dinner shortly after this incident we realized his diaper had leaked BAD. No wonder the poor guy didn't respond to everything else we tried to make him happy. Then we walked out of the restaurant in SLC to realize that it was snowing and the roads were nasty. Ugh! But we made it! We're home! Phew.

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