Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 52

Have I used a sleeping photo on here yet? I don't remember. But the opportunity to snap one is so rare now that the kids are getting older. So after getting in a little "practice time" with the camera and having many many photos to choose from, this is what I picked. (I really need to figure out what settings to use to capture the snow falling - those didn't work! But the ones of the kids helping me shovel are adorable) I think it kind of sums up the days we've been having lately - a little bit rough and in the end, exhausting. Ty had a late start on the nap today and had a hard time staying asleep. When he woke up crying I of course picked him up and he ended up falling asleep in my arms. Then I transferred him to the couch after a while and started snapping photos. I snuck in and got a couple of Katy too. Here's hoping that all the sleep helps them get over these colds.

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