Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 48

Happy Valentines Day!
I try very hard to make most holidays feel a bit special all day long. Today's plan was heart shaped muffins for breakfast (yeah they sunk - guess I wrote the recipe down wrong), which Kaitlyn thought were so fun, and Tyler pretty much ignored. The kids got to open their presents and cards - a game for Katy, a puzzle for Ty, and candy and bath stuff for both of them. Kaitlyn was anxious to try out the bathwather tints and excited to learn that the purple one actually turned the water pink! (that's today's photo) Then they got to wear their new clothes (Vday present from Grandma and Grandpa). Grandpa came to pick Tyler up and they got to have fun together while Katy and I picked up Grandma and we ran errands. Poor Miss Kate still wasn't feeling very good but she was a trooper and lunch at McDonald's kept her spirits up. Naptime and feeding time (which was cuddle time for me and Kate today) were followed by a family dinner together, including the chocolate dipped strawberries I made this afternoon. And now that the kids are in bed it is time for me to go watch a chick flick - yay!

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