Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 47

Sometimes being on a "finally get things taken care of" kick doesn't have a happy ending. It doesn't look like a completely dead washer does it? Well, it is. And of course we had to pay someone to come out to tell us that. The spinner isn't spinning because the transmission isn't ...well doing whatever transmissions do. And would cost more $$ to fix than buying a new one. Happy Friday 13th! UGH!

BTW - not the whole day was bad. I got all my cleaning done first thing this morning and was feeling pretty happy with myself. I also got some scrap/chatting time in with a friend here at the house while the kids played. But I'm stuck on the news of the washer being dead. And the fact that he/we put a load in to test it and I now have a dead washer full of dirty, soaking wet clothes. Oh, and I think Kaitlyn is catching a cold.

*Update (2/14) - the day got worse. Sam's truck was broken into - they took the Ipod and broke the lock. Guess it could have been worse. And Kaitlyn is definitely sick, poor baby. Oh, and Tyler had me up at least 3 times during the night including a 2 hour session at 3AM when he thought it should be play time instead of sleep time. You know, I hadn't given any real thought to Friday the 13th ever before but geesh! We were cursed this year!


  1. I'm glad the whole day wasn't a bust. BTW, I'm feeling a little better, thanks! I was even able to play for about 20 minutes & I actually figured out how to cut something. lol

  2. Those rotten laundry gnomes have taken the mischief too far now! :) That stinks about the washer- and the clothes that are waiting to be wrung out and dried... well, you always find a way to turn something negative into a positive,:) Good luck with finding a not super expensive good washer soon...