Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Week 39

Mid-term reports came home this week.  Both Kaitlyn and Tyler are doing amazingly well - yay!  (not really surprised are we?  We have fantastic kids!)  I got a little chuckle out of the teachers comments on Tyler's - compliment, compliment, compliment and "but sometimes he likes to play too much"  lol  Yup - that's our Tyler.  He is a 5 year old boy after all.
The is what I see outside the dining room window almost every evening after school, snacks and homework are finished.  The kids and usually a friend or two pull out the baseball stuff and play.  None of them really have a clue how to play, but they seem to have plenty of fun anyway.

Sam had a sewing project he wanted me to do.  Of course I picked up the supplies but hadn't pulled out the sewing machine to make it.  He was either fidgety or really wanted it done, because one day he had me show him how to run the machine and he did it himself.

And our fun fall family outing this week - Apple Picking!  We've had BEAUTIFUL weather the past couple of weeks, then sure enough the one day we plan to do something outside it turns icky.  Oh well, we decided to brave the slowly falling rain anyway and didn't regret it.

Once we got home the kids worked on "science projects" for a while, using a book Kaitlyn brought home from the library.  It still astonishes me that more often than not, both of my kids choose informational-type books instead of ones for pure entertainment.
While the kids were busy with that Sam and I were in a Fall Food mood :)  We looked up a recipe for Pumpkin Moose with Gingersnaps and Sam got to work on that.  I whipped up a batch of pumpkin/cream cheese dip for the apples we had picked and put a pot of spiced apple cider on the stove.  I love Fall!

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