Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Week 38

Pretty rainbow on my walk with Sally one morning.  The big storm didn't hit until that afternoon.
Tyler has taken to sleeping with as many stuffed animals as we will let him sleep with - or that he can sneak into the bed after we tuck him in!  Shamu is one of his favorites lately, thought most of them get a turn.
Craft mess all over the place.  Lots and lots and lots of sewing, painting, etc going on
And our first real craft show was Saturday!  The set up went well, it was a beautiful day, lots of people (and people watching!  It was Mule Days in Benson, so there were plenty of "cowboys/cowgirls" with fun cowboy boots and outfits).  Overall sales though - blah. :(
Tyler lost his first tooth!  (9/23/2012)  He decided to have an apple with his dinner and that was all it took to get it to finally fall out.  He was pretty excited.  I whipped together a Tooth Tin for it and Sam took him to the grocery store to pick out ice cream to celebrate.
I'm really not sure if he got any sleep last night.  I realized I needed to check on the tooth fairy status at 3AM and when I went in his room I found him wide awake.  He never did fall asleep after that.  Good thing that tooth fairy is sneaky and still managed to leave some money!

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