Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 Week 40

I asked Tyler if he wanted to send anything special to Wyatt for his birthday.  His response was "I want you to take a picture of me and print it out so he knows how happy I am for his birthday."

We were discussing what how to decorate/carve pumpkins this year and Tyler said "I want mine to look like this face" then struck this pose.
Fall/Halloween decorations are all put up now - the house feels so festive!
Snails! I say "ew" but the kids found the fascinating.  We had 5 or 6 climbing up the porch post after a few days of rain.
Getting Wyatt's birthday card ready to send to him.
Home made marshmallows and pumpkin spice syrup for hot chocolate!  We tried out these new recipes this week and both of them are winners.  MMMMM.  And with the rainy and cooler weather this week it was just the right thing.
We also had a very long weekend this week.  Sam got an extra day off on Friday and we took full advantage of having the kids in school and went out for a "day date."  He borrowed a helmet and we took a ride on the motorcycle to a nearby town where we tried out a new restaurant.  Then we wandered down the tiny Main Street and had dessert at the fun frozen yogurt place.  I had a fantastic time.  It felt more like a date-date than we've had in a very long time.
Then we came home and hit the lumber yard (haha), as we had more than one project on the list for the weekend.  (including putting new shelves in the pantry - my gift request for my birthday)

Saturday found us wanting to do something fun with the family.  So we headed off to Raliegh to the State Fair.  Only it turns out we were a few days early for the Fair.  We ended up at the Children's Museum instead where we had a lot of fun, especially in the sports section that we hadn't explored in previous visits.  Kaitlyn had her first lesson in (giant) chess - and won against her dad, with a little help from me, her dad, and some random guy waiting that probably wanted his turn with the board to come around a lot sooner.
Sunday we tackled the pantry and other projects...

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