Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 Week 43

First eggnog of the season!  Sam in particular was excited to spot some in the grocery store.
We also got our fireplace hooked up (finally!  Why did we wait 2 years?!) and have loved using it.  We have also started family reading time a few nights every week, usually stretched out in front of the fire.  We take turns reading (our first pick was my old copy of Alice in Wonderland), even Tyler who will sit by me while I read and read any of his sight words that we come across.
Family reading time with the first night of eggnog was fun, but also a mistake as the kids were excited and fidgety and some eggnog got knocked over and now we have a yellow stain in the middle of the living room *sigh*
Sam and I have really been taking advantage of his random days off (he gets them every once in a while in an (pitiful) attempt to make up for some of the times he has to work straight through the weekends) and going out on Day Dates.  This week is was a trip on the motorcycle to explore downtown Fayetteville where we walked around a litle bit, had lunch at a restaurant we hadn't tried yet (another benefit of the day date - no crowds and the freedom to eat at places we wouldn't want to try with the kids), did a little window shopping, then stopped at a frozen yogurt place for dessert.  I really love days like that.
The next day I had another fun activity planned.  Audrey's schedule and mine finally meshed and we were able to meet for some shopping and lunch.  We met at an Outlet Mall that neither of us had explored before and that was fun - and successful.  I was in need of new jeans (how great that mine are too big, right?!) and we found some great inexpensive choices very easily, plus some other fun stuff to buy.
That day was a very full day because I had also scheduled myself to take some family photos for a friend at Raven Rock.  Actually it turned into two sessions as we got started way too late and we ended up with icky photos due to not enough light.  But it was fun seeing them, and having a picnic in the dark afterward (Sam had night fire but the kids were with me).  Take two happened a couple days later this time closer to their house (we thought) in downtown.  Luckily a neighbor had suggested a park there and it was a great location.  I had a lot of fun taking their photos and I think we ended up with a lot of really good ones - phew!

The kids were invited to a birthday party here in the neighborhood on Saturday - a costume birthday party.  Here's a sneak peek at their Halloween costumes.  Care to venture a guess what they were?

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