Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Week 35

First Day of School - woohoo!  Kaitlyn has been very excited (although she is old enough now to claim that she "doesn't really like" school) for school to start.  She had her outfit all picked out ahead of time (we made a special trip to the store to select one since we didn't do a big Back to School shopping day this year.  You should have seen how pleased she looked in the dressing room when she tried this particular outfit on. She was smiling and twirling and so happy - we both knew it was "the one") and woke up early all on her own.  She then had enough time to help with what has become our traditional first day of school breakfast - ABC shaped pancakes, or more specifically K and T pancakes.
I drove her to school and walked her to her classroom since we forgot to take all the school supplies to back to school night and it was too much to send on the bus.  Plus it gave me the opportunity to snap a fun photo of her at her desk :)  And Tyler had Kindergarten assessments first thing that morning as well.
When she got home, Kaitlyn said she had a good day and that she can already tell her teacher is "nicer than my last teacher."
Tyler, however was a bit lost without his sister.  He used to be really good about entertaining himself while she was at school but this week he has spent a lot of time following me around, wanting to be involved in whatever I'm doing, asking to watch TV, and talking my ear off :)
We did get in a bit of "trouble" from Kaitlyn for not being at the bus stop waiting for her after school.  So the next day we made a point to be there early.  And of course the bus was really late and it was raining and the umbrella I had grabbed was broken.  Needless to say, I told Kaitlyn that it wasn't worth it to meet her at the bus stop any more.
One of Kaitlyn's friends' from school has a new baby brother and I was lucky enough to meet him when we were all there for Kindergarten assessments for both of our 5 year old boys.  As it happens, I've been working on new products to sell for fall so I roped them into coming over for a newborn photo shoot.  It was a lot of fun and we ended up with some cute photos.

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