Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 Week 34

Kaitlyn is getting so big - very independant and capable.  We've been starting to let her do a lot more cooking around the house.  This week she did pancakes with very little help from me. 

It will take her a few more times before she's got it down on her own, but I think she did a very good job.
Since we got back from Utah, Tyler has been on a cowboy kick.  He wears his new cowboy boots and belt as often as he can, and a lot of times he'll put his hat on for part of the day too.  When we are out and about for groceries/errands he gets quite a few comments from people passing by - because he's just so dang cute!

The kids bicker, like brothers and sisters do.  But to the person (me!) that has to listen to it often, it seems like way too much.  After dealing with it for the 3rd time in less than half an hour I sent them both to time out, then to top it off I made them "hug it out" for another 5 minutes.  Typical of each of their personalities Tyler willingly did it with a smile while the little drama queen acted like it was going to kill her.  Hopefully this will get her to think twice before the next time she upsets her brother...scratch that, I hear him crying.  *sigh* Now what have they done? 
Family outing to Home Depot this weekend for supplies for drying racks.  This happens at least once a month.  I thought it was time to document it :)
With school starting on Monday, Sunday was the last official day of summer vacation (the idea is bittersweat).  To celebrate we went out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse before doing our weekly grocery shopping.  We packed a picnic dinner for the kids and spent a couple hours at the pool.  The kids were jumping in a lot this time around and Kaitlyn was happy that took one of her friends down there with us.  We finished up the day with brownies and ice cream.  Bring on the School Year!

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