Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 Week 25

It's a collection of random photos from daily life this week - the summertime version.
Tyler cracks me up when he goes around listening to music on his headphones, singing along (mostly incoherently) and playing air guitar.
The new outfit from Grandma is pretty cute too.
The kids are playing "animal school" - that's obvious right?  Hours of messy, time consuming fun up in the playroom - I love it when they play nicely together.

Ready for Pool Time!

A peek at the kids getting breakfast.  This is one of the places we are really starting to see their independance.

And Saturday fun with the family.  Weekends are usually devoted to something along these lines.  When we woke up Saturday and discovered that them temperatures were very pleasant we decided to wake up Tyler and get to the blueberry farm ASAP.  Sam hadn't been berry picking with us yet and was excited to try it out.  It was a great day for it, and we all enjoyed it (even Tyler who was still a bit tired and not as into it as he had been other times).

We took home 4 buckets full of berries (almost 15 pounds).  The kids again wanted to make their own smoothies first thing (and drank most of mine before I got to it!).  With that many berries in stock we finally plugged in the garage freezer so we can freeze most of them to have on hand for smoothies, etc later.  We also turned some of the berries into really great blueberry syrup for waffles. 
Also on the list of fun things for the weekend was watching the new Disney movie, Brave, at the theater.  Some shopping for a new digital scale (have I mentioned Sam and I are on losing weight kick?), odds and ends for the house, and Sam finally got the flat screen TV he has been obsessing about for our bedroom.
More pool time - doesn't he look funny in his dad's goggles?

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