Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Week 23

Last week of school!
Blew up a ton of balloons Sunday night to turn into balloon flowers for Kaitlyn's class play.  We delivered them Monday morning and got quite a few quizzical looks from people and even a few compliments
Kaitlyn's play and awards ceremony was on Tuesday in her classroom.  Kaitlyn had one of the largest speaking parts and she did a great job.
In preparation for summer, Tyler's teacher sent home all his work and art projects and a whole packets of worksheet for him to practice with during the summer.  Tyler thought he should get started on the worksheets right away and sat right down and did a whole stack of them.  I'm starting to think our little guy might turn out almost as dedicated to learning/school work as his sister - yay!

Thursday was field day for Tyler's preschool class and I spent the day there helping out.  They had all kinds of fun activities set out on the grass outside their classroom and spent pretty much the whole day out there.  The kids were too excited to focus though, so what started out as an orderly rotation from station to station soon turned into a "play with whatever you want" free for all for the rest of the day.  The big favorites were the bouncy house and the sprinklers.

*need to add photo(s) from my phone
Last day of school!  Friday was only a half day for the last day of school and everyone was pretty happy about it.  To celebrate, we invited all the neighborhood kids to join us for a popsicle party at the pool that afternoon.  Everyone had a great time.

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