Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Week 22

The first official love note from my sweet little boy.  And he's still in preschool and doesn't actually know how to read yet - what a little smartie!
On the list of projects this week - giant flower stems (balloon flowers to be added later) for Kaitlyn's class play.  We made 12 and toted them to the school one morning.  Kaitlyn is so excited for her play, though she says she is a bit nervous about having a speaking part.
We've had lots and lots of rain lately.  The poor Glads were too tall and couldn't take it :(  (luckily they were just the first of many.  Hopefully the rest won't fall down)
but the back yard is loving it and we are FINALLY started to see some grass sprouts in our giant weed patch.
Tyler was on a roll with the pretend play that day.  What a cutie.

Friday night was Tyler's preschool graduation - so cute!  All those little caps and gowns (which Ty referred to as his "costume") were adorable.  I got a little emotional during the slide show at the beginning of the ceremony as I realized how quickly he's growing up.  But as soon as they marched in I was able to avoid the tears and concentrate on how cute and funny kids are at that age.  How they fidget and wave while on stage.  How enthusiastically (and inexpertly) they sang the two songs they had learned.  How Tyler accepted his "diploma" (we found out when we got it home that it was a blank piece of paper and his real certificate was given to us afterward) and used it as a "telescope" to look at the audience when he made it back to his seat.  Too funny.
His sweet teachers gave him a $5 gift card to Walmart and he was so proud and excited to have it.  First thing the next morning we had to head out to the store to let him spend it, Tyler clutching the gift card in his hand the whole time he went up and down the toy aisles trying to decide what he wanted to buy.

Oh - and I finally remembered to take the camera down to the pool!  A friend invited us to join them at the pool Sunday afternoon.  (Sam was at work so it was just me and the kids)  We had the pool to ourselves until they showed up so I took the opportunity to get a few photos of the kids doing their favorite things.  Tyler's favorite is obviously to jump off the edge at the shallow end of the pool.  He also likes to "swim" - which for him is doggy paddle style for 5 or so feet at a time.  Kaitlyn's favorite thing is swimming under water, either back and forth from one side of the pool while seeing how long she can hold her breath, or diving for the dive toys.  And they both love sunning themselves on the loungers when they get tired or too cold (it was a windy day so the cold thing happened more than it usually does).

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