Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Week 24

The first whole week of summer and boy have we been enjoying it and taking advantage of all the free time.

Plenty of time at the pool means lots of snack are needed.  The kids had a lot of fun making their own trail mix.
Another berry picking outing with our berry picking buddies.  (Maci and Zander and their mom, Jessica)  Our plan was to pick raspberries, but even with an early start they were all gone by the time we got there.  So we loaded up on blackberries and blueberries.  But without the raspberries we weren't quite satisfied so we took our berry picking selves to the other farm (from our previous outing) and picked some more strawberries (end of the season for those so they were harder to pick).  They had a lot of veggies at the stand there too so we stocked up on tiny potatoes, green beans, and sweet corn. 
The kids love berry picking, even Tyler, who doesn't really want to eat the berries.  They were pretty excited to get home to start enjoying them in their favorite form - fruit shakes! (smoothies).  After lunch and some resting time we met up with our friends again for some swimming at the pool.
Even after all that Kaitlyn still had energy to help me make a batch of blackberry/blueberry freezer jam that night.  It turned out really yummy.

Friday found us at the zoo with Audrey and the kids.  It was perfect weather for it (not too hot - and good timing on that too as after the weekend the temps have risen to the 90s and stayed there) and the kids were really enjoying themselves.  For once, they were content to really look at all the animals and pay attention to the information instead of rushing from one exhibit to the next.
Saturday was fun family time.  We took the kids bowling (Kaitlyn won!) and out to lunch.
Sunday morning was Father's Day!  Tyler wanted to make the muffins for Sam's special breakfast himself (fresh blueberry of course) and was up early to do so.  (Also of course, as they weren't from the mix he's used to he wasn't much of a fan of the flavor and tried to get me to make the other kind too *sigh*)

The kids really do love their daddy and I think he's doing a great job as their dad.

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