Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 Week 18

I'll just do quick photo comments this time around... Final sandcastle at the beach Friday morning before heading back home.

Teacher appreciation week this week. The school asked us to send a card one day (kaitlyn wrote cute little notes that told her teachers they are "the best ever in the school"), chocolate another day, and a flower a third day. I also put together these fun personalized supply boxes for her to take on one the days that didn't have an assignment.

Also working on getting Mother's Day stuff out in the mail. I put Tyler to work coloring pictures and for the first time ever he is actually into it. Usually he will spend all of 5 seconds scribbling then tell me I should do it for him. But surprisingly he has been spending hours on end in front of the TV with his Tonka coloring book and crayons. It makes me happy to see him finally liking it.

A friend from Kaitlyn's class back in UT sent her a "Flat Stanley" so we have been trying to take plenty of photos to document his vacation here with us before sending him back to them. Kaitlyn took Stanley and a camera to her class one day.

Kaitlyn got early out on Tues so the kids could go to the county fair, so a neighbor and I did just that. We spent most of the time in the carnival rides area where the kids had a lot of fun. I would have liked to see the rest of it first and not really do the rides, but when we did get around to exploring the rest of it, it was sadly disappointing.

There were a couple of tents with displays and people selling things. A very small area for the kids where Ty loved riding this little tractor and Kaitlyn got to hold a baby chick.

There was a tent with a very small show ring and like one of each of some VERY common animals. A baby calf, a bunny, a chicken, some goats...
Kaitlyn took the camera and had fun taking photos of the animals though. I love this one she got of the miniature horse.

And she insisted on keeping the camera and taking a picture of herself on the tractor ride back to the parking lot.

And the Never-Ending-Fence-Staining Project. I've been working on this one all week (a couple hours per day) and still not even half done.

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