Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Week 20

Events this week:
-Friday was Field Day for Kaitlyn. One of our nice neighbors watched Tyler for me in the morning so I could help out with the events. Kaitlyn's class didn't manage to get to my stations while I was there, but I did get to wave at her (so she at least knew I was there. I tell ya - this school makes volunteering not much fun). After the neighbor dropped Tyler off (she was volunteering in the afternoon) he and I ate lunch with Kate in her classroom.
-We finally managed to schedule our "house warming" party with the guys from Sam's office. You know I was cleaning my behind off all week in order to get ready for it (because you also know that Sam was sure to show off the closets to everyone). But I'm happy to have now met most of the people he works with and a couple of their wives. Seems like a good bunch.

-Kindergarten/1st Grade Concert took place on Tuesday. Kaitlyn was very excited and did a fantastic job. She even got put in as a "prop" at the last minute because one of the other kids didn't show up and she did the job perfectly.

Tyler went to the concert with his first ever fat lip. The little guy was tryig to help me out by bringing the big garbage can in from the road while I unloaded groceries. The next thing I know, he's under the garbage can crying. Poor kid. It looked much worse in person :( but after a couple days of him babying it by drinking through a straw and eating pretty much only cut up bananas and yogurt it seems to be well on the mend.

-Oh yeah and I FINISHED THE FENCE! As of yesterday I no longer have to look forward to putting in my 2 hours staining every day. Woohoo!

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