Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Week 19

This week was our final Saturday of soccer - woohoo! I think we were all getting sick of it. Kaitlyn really wasn't into it all and though she tried her hardest during their final "tournament" you could tell her heart wasn't in it. I think their team got 3rd (out of 4) but I don't think she paid attention to the scores at all. The kids Tyler's age didn't even show up but again that was ok. We were happy to leave early and go out to lunch.

But before we put away the soccer ball we made sure to take a photo with Flat Stanley. He spent Mother's Day with us, then we put him in an envelope and sent him back to Utah.

Ahhh Mother's Day. It was a very good one this year. Kaitlyn was all about the planning and made sure they were well prepared. She brought home some cute projects from school and a plant so I got to "open" all of them early.

Kaitlyn made sure to tell her Dad to turn off his alarm and asked if he needed to set hers so they could wake up before me on Mother's Day and fix breakfast. She's such a sweetie. It wasn't breakfast in bed this year, but they did all make waffles, hash brown's, bacon, and orange juice. After I opened my bigger gift (Photoshop software) we spent most of the rest of the day just relaxing and spending time together. Took it really slow in the morning, then went for a nice little hike at Raven Rock in the afternoon.
We were going to dinner out, but even getting their early didn't help us avoid the crowds so we changed the plan and stopped at the grocery store for supplies and ended up with pasta, garlic bread, and cheesecake. All in all I felt well-loved and appreciated by those cute kiddos (and husband) of mine.

Kaitlyn had the small camera with her to take a few photos of Flat Stanley and whatever else she wanted. I like this shot she got of Tyler in the car.After the relaxing weekend it was back to the hard work on the yard and house. We scheduled a house-warming party with Sam's co-workers (mostly so I could meet them and their wives) and I was scrambling to get the house super clean and the yard presentable. Sam took the time one day to finally track down some sand for the sandbox. As you can see, Tyler was in heaven.

(this is my view from inside the screen porch)

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