Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 Week 11

What a fun-filled week! Sam bought a motorcycle and couldn't stop grinning the night he brought it home (need to snap a photo and post it soon).

We took the kids to the North Carolina Zoo on Sunday. Great weather, fun family outing. But boy is that place HUGE. All the exhibits are pretty big and they have all kinds of space between each one so our feet were really really tired by the end of the day.
The emu stood there for there for the longest time just staring at people. It was pretty cool. Tyler favorite animal was the alligator. The polar bears and the seals were the most active and the most entertaining to watch. And Kaitlyn liked the...ugh I forget what she liked. Note to self: ask her and update this! :P

Tyler's view from the back seat. I handed him my phone so he could play a game on the way home from one of our marathon errand/shopping trips and the little monkey must have figured out which ap ran the camera.

This is another one I'm pretty sure Ty took. Can you tell what he loves to play with most?

And there's our poor guy the right after he fell off his bike. He's very good on that thing, but sometimes things like that happen. He wasn't hurt badly, but did have quite a few patches of road rash. The worst of it was a big scrape on his wrist that he completely babied and refused to use the hand at all for a couple of days. Kaitlyn gave him the Donald Duck sticker to cheer him up.

Looks like it's the week for photos of/concerning Ty. I thought it was so cute when I walked in the kitchen and saw he had pulled everything for his breakfast out and lined it all up on the counter - milk, Sprite, cup, bowl, spoon, Fruity Pebbles... The bar stools were still in place by the counters where he had drug them over so he could reach what he needed. Mr Independant.

Tyler got some early St Pat's Day fun at story time at the library Wednesday. Story time here is so well done and so much fun for the kids - this time even more than usual.
We finished up the fun week with St Patrick's Day on Thursday. The kids opened up the package from grandma (that she left behind when she was here) the night before because I knew she had green shirts for them, along with some other fun stuff. And of course the leprechaun visited and played a few fun tricks like turning the milk green and leaving the kids some fun stuff.
The neighbors were in a goofing-off mood too, as we found ourselves still standing in the middle of the road talking a full 2 hours after the bus pulled away with the kids. So the four of us and the little kids basically spent the rest of the day together - out to lunch and running errands in tandem. It's a slow way to do things, but sure makes life a lot more fun.

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