Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Week 9

You know how life likes to just knock you around sometimes? And all you can do is just hold on and ride out the storm? Well, the past week was a bit like that for us. Tyler spiked a fever Thursday night and had the poor guy was pretty miserable all day Friday. Just as his was backing off, the cold hit Kaitlyn but with her it always goes straight to her lungs and she coughs and coughs and coughs. Luckily we now have the inhaler and meds to deal with it when this happens to her, so while it was a rough day for her while we tried to get the coughing under control it really did only take about a day for things to start calming down for her. Which of course was when I started to feel under the weather - mostly sinuses and a pounding headache that lasted 4 days.
Moms don't get days off though, do we? So while feeling icky I still had to take the car in to be inspected and serviced (end of the month and it had to be registered aaaaah!) and run errands on Monday. And Tuesday morning we had a check-up for Tyler at the base (so we could get the paperwork for his application to a preschool program). Ugh. Stupid base medical system. It was easy enough to get an appointment at our clinic and the wait time wasn't bad. But the doc could only to so much then sent us to another clinic to get his shots and then we had to hit the big hospital complex for the hearing/vision screening at their peds clinic. What a mess - even by 9:00 AM all their big parking lots were full at the hospital and I had to hike from the back of the last parking lot to the FRONT of the hospital, carrying Tyler who was refusing to walk because his legs hurt from the shots. We got right in to see someone, but still - what a pain in the rear the whole thing was.
I also dealt with making sure some mostly minor repairs were done on the house during that week. And I think that weekend we also managed to do some projects on the house. Sam installed the rain gutters on the front and I painted the front door.
Then just when I was starting to get my energy back and feel better, I ended up helping a neighbor with a project (final report of some sort for her college class). Ah how something as simple as saying "oh yeah I know how to scrapbook I can help you for a couple hours" turns into not only a run to Walmart for supplies and an evening scrap session, but another ENTIRE day with her at my house working pretty much non-stop on the thing. So much for productivity for the week, although I must admit that I didn't actually mind the scrapbooking or having her there for the most part. She's new to the neighborhood and it was a good chance to get to know her a bit (even though her kids are a bit of a mess with her 5 year old daughter being spoiled and whiney and her son accidentally hitting Tyler's finger with a shovel. My poor little boy now has a black fingernail).
We made it through but that's one week I don't care to repeat any time soon.

The kids still managed to have fun though :)

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  1. Sounds very stressful! Yeah for a new week!