Friday, June 4, 2010

Week 21

Lots of photos from this week!
Rediscovered the stick horses - they had been needed at dance class until now. That head tilt is so funny - it's what Ty does when he's trying to pose for the camera

Park time with Grandpa and Grandma

They were having a "giggle contest" in which they took turns trying to make each other laugh.

Memorial Day - I was just going to take the kids to see the flags at the cemetary but it turned into a bit of a learning experience for our inquisitive Kate.

Summer is here! We've had our first full week of really warm weather and we've been loving it. We turned on the sprinklers for the first time this year and everything.
Kaitlyn was in a bit of a "mood" one afternoon - the poor girl had had to give up playing with 2 different sets of friends in one day due to the friend misbehaving and not being allowed to play anymore - so to try to bring her out of it I had her start a list of all the fun things she wants to do this summer.

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