Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 24

Lots and lots of fun this week

-We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 on Saturday. They were enthralled. I love how easy it is to take them places (most of the time) now. And we had dinner at Panda Express - gotta love kids and chopsticks!

-Father's Day! Kaitlyn helped me plan breakfast in bed for Sam, and even woke up early to help make it. She insisted on the green waffles :) We had a low key morning, during which the kids and I ran over to give Grandpa his gift. And we spent the afternoon/evening with Sam's family. I'm pretty sure Sam enjoyed himself - he's a great dad and deserved a good day!

-Our first hot dog/marshmallow roast of the year! Tyler tried a hot dog IN a bun for the first time - what a surprise. We didn't even ask him to do it. After a few bites the hot dog ended up on the plate to be cut up and eaten with tooth picks. But we are so happy he's starting to try things along with Katy once in a while.
The marshmallows, of course, were fabulous - both with/without the graham crackers.
-Warmer temperatures yesterday sparked an impromptu sprinkler party with the neighbor boys. Kaitlyn turned the sandbox into a "beach" and had a great time laying out in the sun.

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