Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 20

Random shots from the week

Grandpa wanted to document the water level on the river so the kids and I went up there with him. I spent the whole time worried they would fall in but their only concern was where to find the next rock to throw in the water.

We've got a lot of tulips and daffodils coming in this year and I've been so excited to see them. It's a good thing they don't seem to mind the snow.

Peanut butter from the jar while watching cartoons. Oh those kids!

The Pet Parade at Elk Meadows Rest Home (where Grandma Alene is now the recreation director). The kids spent weeks "training" Grandma's dogs for the event and even took the time to make them costumes (with Gma's help of course). It was a bigger event than I had expected and kids and residents alike seemed to enjoy themselves.

Ty, Dakota, and Gram (who goes to Day Care there twice a week) They all got suckers at the end.Kaitlyn and Tuffy, and her good buddy Taitley with her dog.

And a trip to the dentist. Yes, Kaitlyn picked a Whoopie Cushion as her prize for no cavities. She thinks it's hilarious. She tried to get me with it - had put her pillow on the couch with her blanket spread over it all hiding the whoopie cushion and told me "I just want you to be comfortable, Mom." She and Ty also think it's fun to pop up from behind the couch and sqeeze it at me. Too funny.
Ty was great too. No cavities and he let them clean his teeth, no problem. They're very impressed with my sweet kids. Ty got one of those giant balloons you can "bop." I didn't have any cavities either - but I didn't get a cool prize.

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