Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 22

Dance Recital! It took up a good deal of our time on Friday and Saturday but it was worth it. The kids did a fantastic job and seemed to enjoy it. Aren't the cute?!

They also finished our neighborhood playground (RIGHT next door to our house). The kids have been watching it come together for weeks now. And even though we had a busy Saturday, the kids really wanted to help so we took some time that afternoon and helped them finish spreading the bark. The kids have been out playing on it as often as possible ever since.
(*need to post photo of playground)

The kids have also been playing "Magic Show" a lot this week. I have been amazed by their creativity and ingenuity. They shut themselves in Kaitlyn's room for hours "practicing" then call me back for the show. They set up her room with all the chairs they could find along one wall facing the bed, and using stuffed animals for most of the "audience." They also made tickets for everyone and made me "wait in line" at the door. Then both kids put on their "capes" (blankets tied around their shoulders) and the show begins.
Their best trick (and frankly, it's hilarious) is making Tyler "disappear." He takes off his cape and knees down in front of Kaitlyn's bed. Then Kaitlyn holds her cape up in front of him and says the magic words. We pause while there is a lot of wiggling coming from behind the cape - because Ty is crawling under the bed. When the cape is removed, Ty is gone! (except for the foot or the hand that didn't quite make it under the bed! lol) See? Hilarious. I love it. And I think it's really something that a 6 year old and a 3 year old would come up with that concept and excecute it all on their own (even more so since Ty doesn't always want to cooperate with Katy's plans).

The sudden warm temps on top of recent snow and nightly thunder storms has the river flooding pretty bad. It has been quite the site. We have taken a couple of drives out to see everything. They even had to sandbag a bunch of houses along the main road in Oakley. Of course we didn't get any flooding by our house. But the water system got contaminated and we haven't been able to drink our water. You don't realize how much you rely on something until you can't use it - it's been hard.

Kaitlyn has also had practices for the Kamas Valley Fiesta Days Princess Program every day this week. The big event is on Saturday, then they have a bunch of "appearances" throughout the summer - parades, rodeos and such.

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