Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 19

Quick rundown of the week
-Saturday was up early to drop Sam off at the base for another voluntary deployment. I mean EARLY. Out the door by 5:45AM early. Then errands and lunch with The Girls. The kids had spent the night with grandma and grandpa.
-Final 2 days of Kindergarten countdown. Monday they got to pack a lunch and eat in the cafeteria. Tuesday they did a little program for the parents and were finished.
-Hello Summer Vacation. We're not quite ready for you and you obviously aren't ready for us. It's definitely not shorts-wearing weather out there this week. So we entertain ourselves inside plenty. I've done a lot of cleaning and reorganizing too.
Ty pretending to be a puppy

Kate imitating me, trying to get a photo of Ty the Puppy

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