Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 18

Time for Dance Photos! I decided to try playing photographer again this year. In the middle of the chaos of trying to get 16 two-three-and-four year olds in one place at one time I was regretting my decision. But we got it done and the photos aren't half bad.

Later in the afteroon on Friday the kids went back to the rest home to help hand out flowers after their Mother's Day program. Gram was playing her accordian when we got there, so we got to enjoy that for a few minutes before the kids were put to work. All those "grandpas and grandma's" just love the kiddos, who got all dressed up for the occasion.

Mother's Day took up pretty much the entire weekend. We spent Saturday morning with Sam's family. Then Wyatt made good on his promise of giving me a date night when I did his taxes so we dropped off the kids with him (at Mom's house haha) and Sam and I went to the movie and dinner. We also decided to stop by the Outlets while we were out and picked up some Sketchers Shape Ups for me for Mother's Day. We took the kids home, and the three of them (the kids and Sam) locked themselves in Ty's room for a little pre-mother's day planning before bedtime.

Everyone was up bright and early on Sunday. I got to lounge in bed pretending to be asleep while listening to the gang prepare breakfast (pink waffles) that they brought in to bed for me. Kaitlyn had the cutest little card and magnet that she had made at school. Then I got to lounge around some more while Sam started in on lunch prep. My mom and dad came over for ham, twice baked potatoes, and homemade rolls (that the kids helped roll out). After lunch we took the kids to the park. Then I spent the rest of the day lounging - seriously, didn't have to lift a finger to clean up dinner or break up fights or anything I didn't want to do. Ahhhh. Why can't Mother's Day be more than once a year? :)

The final highlight for the week was Kaitlyn's field trip. She was dead set on me going along to help chaperone so of course I complied. We went down to the This is the Place State Park (it's pioneer stuff.) The kids enjoyed it, though it was a bit more educational than they would have liked. But the kids were all surprisingly well-behaved (all things considered) and even the crazy, crowded, loud bus ride won't deter me from volunteering for another one...maybe. :)

This is Kaitlyn and her friends Sydney and Violet.

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