Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 175

Happy Father's Day! Sam's a great dad - we all know that right? :) Ok so I won't expand on it but move directly to a description of the days events.

Kaitlyns plan for the day started with breakfast in bed for her Daddy. She and Ty were both up pretty early so they helped me make waffles then Katy took them in to him on the tray while Ty carried the syrup. That was followed by the opening of presents. I had taken some photos of the kids and framed them (see me scrapbooking blog for details). And the kids had also painted some pictures for Sam.
Next on Katy's list was washing the truck but it was raining (yet again) so we skipped that part. We also had to scrap the plan to go fishing. So we ended up just having some play time where Sam had the honor (haha) of giving the kids piggyback and leg rides - at the same time of course!
Lunch was a trip to Sam's mom's house for tacos and nachos with the gang.
Sam had caught a couple of trout on a quick fishing stop after work Friday. So he smoked those for dinner. I had intended to invite my parents over to join us, but I didn't plan ahead so they had already gone to the movie and grabbed dinner over there. So my dad only got a phone call from me (I feel like a bad daughter) instead of something more elaborate.
Dessert was the chocolate fountain - another of Kaitlyn's plans. She specifically wanted to try dipping Goldfish crackers in the fountain. So we tried those along with gummi bears, pretzels, and vanilla wafers - mmmm.


  1. Hey A i think this is the first photo i have seen of Sam, nice catch!!! no wonder you let him get away with not finishing his to do lists. roflmao