Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 162

Sam has been telling Kaitlyn about Mr. Gunnysack. I guess this is a technique his mom employed when he was young to get her kids to clean up their toys. And our slightly nicer version of the sack that takes away any toys left out (ours will also bring rewards and is very sneaky - only appearing when Katy is sleeping or gone so it has more of a Tooth Fairy mystique) prompted Kaitlyn to want to update and use her sticker chart. So on her own she went around taking photos of things that represent her chores. When I downloaded her camera I found it interesting what she had been taking photos of - not just today but in the couple months worth of photos that were on her camera. A lot seem to be of things she values, like her Hello Kitty bank (that she painted herself). I think she shows great potential as a photographer, don't you? (even with the low quality photos taken by her kiddie camera)

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