Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Week 9

Photos in no particular order this week
 The kids came home from school to find this disaster in the playroom.  I had tackled a "quick" reorganization in both storage closets.  No worries, by the end of the day everything was back in place and looking better than before.
 On the good weather days the kids have been spending a lot of time on their roller skates outside.  I love that they enjoy being active and outdoors.

And what did I find when I cleaned out the storage rooms?  A lot of photos and unfinished decorative projects that hadn't made it on the walls.  It got me motivated to get some up and displayed.  Tyler's room now looks great and I added a few photos in my room too.
 Typical breakfast for me lately - green smoothie.
 Chore time!  Tyler can't get enough of his music lately and wears his headphones constantly.
 New routine of going hiking every Thursday with a friend at Raven Rock.  Today we went past the Overlook.  The river is really high (and muddy) right now.
Errand with the family.
Oh and we also signed up for the Color Run taking place in May!  We're going to all run it this time.

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