Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 Week 12

St Patrick's Day.  The Leprechaun's left the kids a few treasures, moved a few things around in the living room and dyed the milk green.

One year since the pup became ours - and she couldn't be more loved by those two kiddos. (St Patrick's Day 2014)

Rainy Monday night at dance
Perfect way to start the spring season - 4 mile hike (with lots and lots of stairs!) in fantastic weather. — at Raven Rock State Park.
Finished reupholstering the chair!  Very happy with it.

FB status from 3/22  My little guy is up early (well typical wake up time for a school day - why does no one ever sleep in in this house?) and cuddly. He smells like dirt and little boy sweat lol. I guess I need to make double sure he showers today

Sam spent the day putting in shelves in the garage for not one, but two of our neighbor friends.  This was followed by an impromptu BBQ with all three families.  Best of both worlds - super productive (and made a little spare cash) followed by lots of laughs with friends.

Time for some family fun.  We got to the bowling alley before it opened, so we went to Sonic for milkshakes.  It was a bit cold for ice cream, but still fun.
Both kids are getting pretty good at bowling.  I completely lost to both of them.

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