Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Week 4

We were excited to spend the morning of Day 2 of our beach vacation at Wonder Works.  We were up fairly early as usual, had breakfast at IHOP, then wandered around the (closed) shops at Broadway at the Beach until Wonder Works was open.

It's a bit like a Children's Museum on steroids.  The premise is that the building got caught in a tornado in Florida or something and ended up upside-down on a building here so the lobby is all upside down.  It's fun.  Inside they have things like a roller coaster simulator, all kind of science-y experiment stuff,

a bed of nails
giant bubble station
climbing demonstration of pulley and levers, laser tag (we had a lot of fun with that one) and a ropes course (also a lot of fun, especially watching the kids figure out they weren't going to fall and getting more confident as they crossed the obstacles).
We had lunch then spent some time in the pool at the hotel.

Wednesday morning I was up before everyone else and got to enjoy the sunrise.
We did donuts for breakfast then spent some final time on the beach before heading home.
 It was a great little vacation.  I'm really glad we went and am looking forward to going back when we can actually spend some time in the water.

The rest of the week went very quickly with orders to fill, school and work to return to, etc.
We also got some happy mail from Sam's grandma:  her usual cookies and granola for birthdays, plus some ruffle scarves for Kaitlyn and me.  Birthdays are so much fun, even when they aren't mine ;)

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