Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Week 1

We had an eventful end of 2013/first week of 2014
 Tried to write Thank You cards for all the Christmas and Birthday gifts.  Didn't finish - the kids are so well loved or er, spoiled.
 New Year's Eve Pajama party with friends - FUN!

 We played games, watched The Ball drop, the kids broke a piñata, and we all got fortunes by popping balloons.

 Tyler also lost a tooth at the New Years Eve party.  (at this rate he may not be able to chew food on his own soon lol)  Good thing Mom remembered to put the tooth under his pillow as he went right to sleep as soon as we got home.
 Breakfast New Years Day was waffles and the sparkling grape juice we had forgotten to open at midnight.
 Tyler insisted we all do a toast.

We also spent New Years Day putting away all the Christmas decorations.  The living room looks really bare now.
 But also very clean as we also took the opportunity a couple days later to rent a steamer and clean all the carpets.  While Sam ran the machine I did a few of the deep cleaning items I had been putting off.  The house is now all sparkly clean and that feels good.
 Bambi likes the clean carpet too.
 Oh, and we finally remembered to let the kids pull the wish bone from Thanksgiving.
 Wonder what he wished for...
 The kids are back on a paper airplane kick.  Tyler taped this note to one of the paper airplanes then handed it to me ;)  He's such a cutie.
And to finish up the week, Kaitlyn finished her science project - WOOHOO!

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