Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Week 3

 What stands out from this week?  Well, lots of projects and finishing things up - especially getting the big photos up in the craft room and reorganizing it.  That room hasn't been this clean and pretty in months and months.
 Kaitlyn won second prize at the science fair!  Go Kate! 
Also took some time to decorate the house for Valentines day - it was looking way too bare without Christmas stuff.
 Sam had a birthday!  And by some stroke of luck not only did it fall on a weekend, but a bit holiday weekend followed by the kids having 3 days off (and half-day on Friday).  Normally I would be annoyed at that since the kids JUST went back to school from Christmas.  But we decided to take advantage of it and use some of Sam's time off so we spent a few days in Myrtle Beach.
 We drove down Sunday after we had breakfast (muffins made by Kaitlyn for her dad's birthday) and packed.  We had an amazing condo (can splurge a little with off season prices - two bedrooms plus a living room/kitchen) right on the beach.
 Once we got settled in the room we went for a walk on the beach.  And kind of got carried away.  When we made it back to the room we calculated that we had walked over 3 miles - no wonder poor Tyler kept complaining that his feet hurt.
 We went to the Medieval Times dinner and show that night - so much fun!  Knights jousting, eating dinner with only your fingers...what's not to like?  Even though Tyler didn't want to eat any of the meal (we planned on that and took a sandwich for him) both the kids were completely enthralled.  If I happened to lean over to ask Kaitlyn a question she would tell me "shh, I'm trying to watch this."
 I know - they're all green.  It's the lights.  We were in the Green Knight's section.  He didn't win.
 And back at the room we surprised Sam with brownies for dessert - pretty sneaky aren't we?  He didn't know we had them (though he almost spoiled the surprise by getting home early Friday when they were still out on the counter and the whole house smelled like chocolate)

 or the sparking grape juice (left over from New Years).
 Tyler loves a good toast.

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