Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 Week 39

Was out shopping with my friend, Juluisa (Julie), and she couldn't resist buying this for me - and a "good witch" one for herself lol  Mine reads "you say wicked like it's a bad thing."

Kaitlyn says for once she's happy about falling on her bike. It knocked a tooth loose and now she will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy!
Sam had the day off on Friday and decided we needed to start the celebrating for my birthday a little early.  So while the kids were at school we went up to the big mall in Raleigh, had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (love that place!) and did a little shopping.
Tyler had his first every spelling test on Friday and he aced it!
 Family fun out with friends this weekend.  A whole group of us went to the corn maze and had a great time. 
Kaitlyn liked challenging herself with the sledge hammer thing.  And Tyler had to try out all the heavy equipment.

 Then we hit the maze in teams - boys against girls.  The boys won.

 And when we were all hot and tired (it almost hit 90 that day) and ready for a rest we went on the hay ride.
I'm very happy that we've found this great group of friends that like to have fun and get together regularly.  And that the kids are all good friends too.  It really adds to the fun of every-day life.

 Bambi cuddles!  Oh those kids love that dog and she's very patient with them.

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