Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Week 41

 There's the birthday girl!  Kaitlyn turned 10 on Monday.  We had snickerdoodle waffles for breakfast and let her open her presents before going to school.
 Then we all went out to dinner at Golden Corral (one of her favorites) before taking her to dance class.  We stayed up late enough to have dessert (cherry cheesecake - she's not into cake cake this year) before heading to bed.

 Finally remembered to take a photo of the dog with the kids to show how much she's grown.  It's a lot!

 Thursday was the Girl Scout hike at Raven Rock State Park.  The girls did fantastic (they're actually really fast hikers and we had to keep telling them to slow down as one of the girls had brought her grandparents and they kept falling behind).

And it was gorgeous.
 Saturday was Kelcee's first birthday party.  Her actual birthday isn't for another month but they will have moved by then.
 So we made sure we got a group photo of all of us Girls.
 It was Minnie Mouse theme - fun!
 More random photos from Saturday, I think.

 Then Sunday morning we had a surprise going away brunch for Kelly.  Can't believe we pulled it off.  She thought she was coming over to craft, which we did eventually.

We have kind of a "high drama" neighborhood and have kind of dubbed our little group of friends the "Real Housewives."  We've been joking about making these wine glasses for weeks now, so for brunch Julie and I finally followed through on it.

I've had so much fun with these ladies the last few months.  Love that - love them!

And our parting gift to Kelly.  The quote really does say it all.

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