Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Week 42

Letter Tyler wrote to us at school.  It reads "I was good dad and mom."

Tyler's ready to party! ;)
 Friday night the whole family joined our friends to celebrate one of the kid's birthdays at Adventure Landing.  The were having their Halloween festivities there that night so the kids got to wear their costumes.  Ty fell asleep on the ride there, but was ready to go once we arrived.

They did crafts for a while.  Then we all had a blast playing laser tag and the arcade games.

We were celebrating Donald's 9th birthday.  His cake completely matched the WWF belt that was part of his Halloween costume.
Tyler was the only one to wait (very patiently) in line for face painting.  And even though they only had red and blue paint, he insisted that he needed camo so he could "hide better" during laser tag.

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