Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Week 32

Monday and Tuesday of this week:  errands, cleaning, packing, errands, cleaning, packing
Wednesday 6:30AM:  hot fresh Krispy Kreme donuts on the way to the airport MMMMM

On the airplane and on our way to Utah!  The flight(s) went pretty much as smoothly as could be expected.  The first plane loaded a bit early then sat at the runway for 20 extra minutes.  They made up the time in the air and as luck would have it we got off at the same gate that our connecting flight was being boarded at - so no crazy running around the airport to make the connection.  Tyler fell asleep for an hour during the 2nd leg of the trip (more than 3 hours in the air).  And thanks to us giving them brand new video games for the flight, both kids were highly entertained by their DSi's the entire time.  In fact, after we landed the woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and told me how great the kids had been.  Hearing that, the guy next to her said "I didn't even know there were kids sitting there!"  Gotta love it when my children are well-behaved.  It makes life so much easier.
Grandma Jackson met us at the airport and we met up with Colette and the boys for dinner in the city.  Gma J was lending us her car for the week so we split up at that point and we headed to Wyatt's house where we would be staying for the week.
Thursday was a down day.  We took the kids to Grandma and Grandpa's and then I was able to go visit a friend.  Sam did some visiting on his own, then picked me up and the two of us went out to lunch.  The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my parents, including the kids and I tagging along to do some irrigating with my dad.  The kids got to ride Dixie while we were out in the field as it's pretty far for those little legs to walk.
Friday's plans included the #1 thing on Kaitlyn's list - jumping off the high diving board at the rec center.  Colette and the boys, along with Lenore and her boys joined us at the pool, along with all the grandparents who had a lot of fun watching the kids.
Friday afternoon was spa time for the girls (myself, Kaitlyn and Mom, that is) while the boys went their separate ways - Tyler for some one on one with Gpa and Sam to hang out with his brothers.  Kaitlyn got her first official mani/pedi and though quiet the whole time, you could tell she loved it and felt very grown up and spoiled.  Kim also gave both of us a haircut (since good ones are not something I've been able to find yet in NC).  And we had a lot of fun chatting with Traci, Lori, and Kim the entire time.

Saturday we saddled up all the horses and Wyat and Grandpa took all of us up the mountain to "the spring" for a ride.  They've had a very very dry summer and you can really see that in the photos - but it was still very pretty views the whole time.

Grandma met us back in the field with a picnic lunch, which we had under the trees.

And the kids got to ride the horses some more.  Kaitlyn couldn't wait to have the horse to herself so she could trot.  She even got brave enough to try a canter a couple of times.

Sunday was family time with Sam's family.  We had brunch and grabbed a family photo before heading to the lake for lots and lots of fun.

Colette was nice enough to show up early and reserve a great spot for us on the shore, as well as letting us have fun on their boat all day long.  Tyler absolutely loved the tube and had a huge smile on his face the whole time.  Even when we were done with our turn and were letting everyone else take a turn, Tyler didn't want to get off the tube so he went for another ride with Czar and Orvil.
It took Kaitlyn a little while (and the eventual bribery with a cookie!) to get up the courage to try out the tube, but once she did she had a great time.

Such fun with the cousins!  Kaitlyn and JD, in particular, were quite a pair and had a blast spending so much time together.
After watching Dale waterski (the only one of us that knew how), Tyler was the only willing to try it out himself.  We were all surprised he jumped on it so quickly, but that is pretty typical of our little daredevil.  Dale went out with him in the water and gave him a little lesson.  He didn't get up, of course, but he gave it a good try and as you can see, he enjoyed it.


The main goal on family outings is usually to let the kids have as much fun as possible, but the guys (left to right:  Sam, Dale, Orvil) did get some time on the tube by themselves.  The ride wasn't wild enough for them, so they decided not to hold on.  One of bumped launched them all off the tube at the same time and I was lucky enough to grab this photo.  The kids couldn't quit laughing at the sight of all three of them flying off the tube.
We stayed at the lake until it started to get windy then finished up the day with dinner at Gma Jackson's.

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