Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Week 4

It's been a fun week.  Tyler's first full week in PreK was a big success.  I already feel so much better about the experience he is getting with the new teachers.  And they make a point of telling me how well he does each day.  He's happier and much more well behaved and helpful.

I managed a small craft session with friends one morning this week.  I really look forward to things like that and this one was no exception.

The kids discovered that I had pulled the scrapbooks out of hiding and were having fun one day looking at their baby books.  I am struck quite often lately by how much and how fast they have grown.  Look at the difference in size of those two little hands.

Tyler's latest pose.  I can't remember what he calls it, but it's obvious when he does it that he thinks he's got to be the cutest thing ever :)
Saturday, I think, was the best day of the week.  The weather was fantastic and all the kids in the neighborhood all played happily together outside.  Sam was working on a closet for a buddy and they both spend the morning working with power tools in the garage.  I did my thing, keeping busy.  In the afternoon we took the Flat Stanley a cousin had sent down to the base for some photos by the planes on display.  Then we went out to dinner, which happened to be the most successful dinner out we've had in a long time.  Kaitlyn has been a super star with trying new foods lately and not only did she try Sam's salad (complete with bleu cheese!) and his steak (rare), but she ate her entire order of ribs and a handful of brown bread rolls (another new discovery for her - that different types of bread are really good).  We were amazed and so happy.  Tyler was on board too, though on his level.  He gamely tried the chicken strips and discovered that though they look different than nuggets, they are still good.  I feel like we are totally winning this battle and it feels good.

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