Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Week 3

Sam turned 32 this week! We celebrated with a nice dinner at home and pie with candles for dessert on his birthday, then celebrated again on the weekend with dinner out at Texas Roadhouse. And we let him buy himself a router. That's like the ideal birthday for guys, right? Steak and tools ;)
And there are my cuties. I love them.

*the only other thing I want to note from this week is that there was a bit of an upset at Tyler's preschool. More than a little actually, as the program that runs Tyler's preschool pulled all the students from the daycare center where he was going to class. It was weeks in the making, and the story is more involved than I care to repeat, but it came to a head and the move happened rather quickly this week. The program arranged for the kids to be in a new class at the Elementary school in town and Tyler started his first day there on Friday. We couldn't be happier. Tyler has been asking more and more often when he would get to go to Kaitlyn's school anyway. And already I'm so much happier with the teachers and the set up. (except for the drop off line - that thing is a nightmare and I will avoid it, park and walk him in from now on)

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