Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Week 52

Final week of 2011! And with both Christmas and New Years, what a fun-packed week it was!(I'm going to extend the photos a couple days past my usual week limit to include all of 2011) Christmas Eve was spent at home. The kids were very happy with their new pjs and even loved taking photos in front of the Christmas tree. They were SO excited for Santa to come that Kaitlyn put Tyler to bed herself (had him brush his teeth, sent him downstairs to us for hugs and kisses, then read him a story in his bedroom) earlier than their usual bedtime. We thought this would lead to at least one of the kids coming down later with an "I can't sleep" excuse but we didn't hear a peep out of them after that.

They slept until shortly after 6:00 the next morning, which meant Sam and I were waking up already at that point - very nice! I love Christmas morning, and this one was pretty much perfect. The kids got exactly what they wished for from Santa and loved the gifts from everyone else. Sam did our traditional Gingerbread waffles for breakfast and we all spent some time hanging out in pjs and playing with all the new stuff. Later we went out for a walk/bike ride so Kaitlyn could try out her new bike. And later we watched one of the kids' new movies and made the round of phone calls to family members back in Utah.
The kids were absolute angels the next couple of days. Amazing how having new toys to keep you busy can do that, right?

The only fly in the ointment was that Tyler started developing a cough the afternoon of Christmas Day and it was sounding pretty bad by bedtime. He woke up with a fever at 3AM (and neither of us went back to sleep at that point) and had a miserable day or two with the cold. Luckily, while it hit hard, it also hit him fast and he was soon through it.

We had a couple of custom drying rack orders which had to be worked into the holiday festivities - sometimes that's harder than it sounds.

My mom flew in on the 26th and with the kids out of school they have all been spending a lot of time playing together. New Years Eve was her birthday. We had a very nice steak dinner, watched a movie all together, and had the cheesecake Kaitlyn had insisted we make for dessert.

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