Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 Week 39

Typical morning at the bus stop. All the kids hang out on the porch/driveway of the model home while we wait (and wait and wait - the bus never comes at the same time every day so we just plan on getting there early and waiting as long as it takes). Sometimes it's complete and absolute chaos.

It was a fun weekend. Kaitlyn went to a really long birthday party extravaganza on Saturday for her friend Ally. They got their nails done, went out to dinner, and went to a movie. I had plans to have a girls night of my own with some of the neighbors (so fun!) so Tyler and Sam went out and had some fun of their own. They went to the Lion King in 3D and out to dinner.

Sunday morning I went with a couple of friends to check out the flea market. Turns out it's not a good place to sell crafts, which is why we were checking it out, but as an outing it was a lot of fun. And none of us came home empty-handed (I found a Hello Kitty necklace/watch for Kaitlyn's bday) :)

Once I got home and put the house and the kids back in shape (so not fun to walk into the house and find Ty crying in his room with a frustrated husband on the couch), we decided to go bowling. This is something the kids LOVE to do and they get better and better every time. Neither one of them used the ball ramp thing and both got really good scores. In fact, Kaitlyn beat my score! (I purposelly threw a gutter ball after I got a spare on the last frame just to make sure of that, but mostly she did the winning on her own)

I've been making a lot of hats this week, and Tyler is my designated model. He loves this long-tailed one and wants me to make one for him in red. I had to laugh though because when I was trying to take a photo of another hat (it's a fall striped one that he has on UNDER this one) he told me "is this really mess-is-ary?" (necessary)

School photos were also this week, which usually I don't mind purchasing. But it seems like the prices have doubled since last year (and they were overpriced already) and I just couldn't justify paying that price for a photo that was never all that great. So I took a few minutes and snapped some of my own.

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