Friday, September 9, 2011

2011 Week 36

Guess what?! Our neighborhood pool is open and fully functional WOOHOOO! We went down to check out as as soon as we heard the news and when Kaitlyn got home from school she joined us too. We spent pretty much the entire evening there with a lot of the neighbors - so fun. We've been enjoying it quite often since, trying to get the most use out of it before the hot weather is gone.

We did a lot of random things over the holiday (Labor Day) weekend. Some time in the pool. Launching rockets (that Sam surprised the kids with one day). And Sam and I even got a date on our "anniversary" (13 years since the day we got engaged!) thanks to a nice friend that offered to take care of the kids for us all afternoon on Sunday.

School, work, and regular life - all pretty normal at the moment. First big craft day with the ladies in the neighborhood went very well. Life is good.

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