Friday, September 2, 2011

2011 Week 35

More stories than photos this week. Some weeks are like that.
First day of preschool - woohoo! I really thought we'd end up skipping this milestone and I'd be doing "home preschool" (as Kaitlyn calls it) myself. I still probably will a little bit since I've already got the stuff and the facility I'm taking him to isn't something I'm completely psyched about. But it does him good to get out and socialize with kids his own age, learn some of the things he will need to know for school next year like how to take direction from someone other than his parents, how to sit still and follow instructions, etc. And it doesn't hurt that I now have a few hours to myself every morning.
Tyler was SO excited for the first day of school. He wore his backback down to the bus stop with Kaitlyn. And when she was off on the bus he pretty much drug me all the way back home so we could go to school. It was pretty cute. Once we were there he showed no fear, especially when he saw that a little girl from our neighborhood (the one he says he's going to marry someday :) ) was also there. So I left him there without any problems, then came home and got hit pretty hard with the emotions that go along with having your baby hit a milestone like going to school. A nice friend checked in on me in the middle of my little pity party and I gratefully accepted her offer to go for a walk and get my mind off of it. We ended up spending most of the day together and having a great time. I love that I'm making more and more friends here and every week I feel more excited about how the neighborhood is shaping up.

They feed them breakfast and lunch at the preschool but I pick him up at lunchtime in order to avoid naps and because I think jumping from all day at home to all day at school is just too much. It's not like he'd eat whatever they feed him for lunch most of the time anyway.
When I picked him up the first day, one of the teachers asked if he knew the one little girl from our neighborhood already. Of course I said yes and was told that they two of them were pretty inseparable all day and had even held hands and given each other a hug. I've since noticed that every time I go to pick him up, the two of them are almost always together. Not sure if that is only because they only kids they know there are each other or what, but it's cute. Can't believe my little guy already has his first "girlfriend."

First and second days of drop off went smoothly but Tuesday of this week was another matter entirely. For the first time in his life Tyler did the Cling and Cry thing when I dropped him off. Completely threw me for a loop. The day after that wasn't much better. *sigh*

That doesn't keep him from having fun at school, or from the teachers having funny stories to tell. The other day, he was playing in the sand and got some down his pants. And in the process of demonstrating exactly where the sand was that was bothering him, he pretty much mooned the whole class! :)

Kaitlyn is settling in to school rather well. So far the only homework she has had is reading every day and she loves reading so much I never have to ask if she's done it.

The other bright spot in the week was the fact that I pushed the school hard enough to get our bus stop moved into the subdivision and off the busy road. Woohoo!

Let's see what else...Sam took a long weekend with his buddies and went to a race in Bristol. (I'll need to add one or two of his photos) They camped out for the duration and as far as I can tell, it was a good trip.

Almost forgot about the hurricane scare! Of course it would happen while Sam was gone. We had constant wind and scattered rain for 48 hours straight and I have to admit it made me a little nervous. I figured we were far enough inland it wouldn't be a big deal here and I was right. But I did have a little "adventure" helping a neighbor repair a section of her fence that got knocked down in the middle of the storm. No husbands around but we still got it done! :) Once again we were lucky - there was plenty of damage all up the coast.

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