Friday, August 19, 2011

2011 Week 33

No large events, no real outings, no plans of any sort. It was all about the little things this week.

Getting supplies organized and ready for school. I also organized the art/craft supplies in the playroom and am working on our recipe binder.

- Kaitlyn's first day of dance class - she love it! urgh - really can't believe I didn't take photos but it was kinda chaotic in there with class changes and it being the first day and all. I got her new shoes, got her settled in class then the rest of us did the grocery shopping very quickly while she danced. I hope to stay and watch some of the class next week.
-Kaitlyn learned to tie her shoes! She had learned before then forgotten since kids shoes now are almost all velcro or slip-on. But with only a couple times practicing, she has it down and can now tie her athletic shoes all on her own.
-Hairbow modeling for me

-Tyler is on an "organizing" kick (it's so fun to hear him say that word in his little boy voice). He takes the time to make sure all the trucks and backhoes are perfectly placed and facing the same way when he "parks" them. Each of his favorite toys has it's own special place on his bed and he places them there carefully when he makes his bed.
-I have been turning on the music in the house more often than usual lately and Tyler loves it. He will dance and spin (and spin and spin) to the same few songs over and over.
-I have gone a full week now of nightly walks with the neighbor - 3 miles after the sun goes down and the kids are settled for the night. An actual start to a regular exercise routine!

-for all intents and purposes the neighborhood pool looks finished - right down to the lounge chairs and sun umbrellas on the tables. Hoping to hear about the grand opening soon!
-Sam has had a nasty busy week at work. I think we're all glad it's coming to an end.

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