Friday, August 5, 2011

2011 Week 31

This week in photos
Ty was a BIG help this week with my Friday morning bathroom scrubbing.
Weekend trip to Audrey! Always so fun and something we all look forward to.

The drive isn't bad. Just 2 hours and the whole thing is tree lined and pretty. I love that sections of the medians are all landscaped - crepe myrtle (I think) are in bloom right now. I need some of these for my yard.

At least 5 hours in the pool at Audrey's both Saturday and Sunday - pretty much the only way anyone wants to be outside in this heat. My kids LOVE the water. Kaitlyn is fearless and Ty makes progress with his swimming every time we're out.

Sam took advantage of us being gone and went on a motorcycle ride with his buddy to Charlotte (to see a NASCAR shop of course). Got caught in the rain on the way home and spent time shining up the bike Sunday morning. I gave him a hard time about it and took a photo :)

ha! That hummingbird is fast but I caught it on film (after at least 3 missed attempts). I think this is the last of our gladiolas to bloom

I opened a shop on etsy to sell some crafts - spent a good part of the week getting things done to sell and then getting the online stuff done. Kaitlyn was a very willing model for the headbands and hairbows.

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