Friday, August 12, 2011

2011 Week 32

Museum of Natural Sciences - our fun family outting for the weekend. It had a little bit about a lot of stuff from birds (Kaitlyn's current obsession - we got a whole stack of books about them at the library and she and Tyler have been "bird watching" from the back porch) to dinosaurs. Tyler's favorite part was the T-Rex

Kaitlyn loved the butterfly garden. I think I liked it the best too - it was great to be so close to butterflies that would just go about their business. Really pretty ones too.

Tyler fixates on a few toys at a time and plays with them over and over. Right now he loves his little Optimus Prime Transformer and carries it everywhere, including with him to bed. He has been on a board game kick lately and we play 2-3 every day (Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Zingo, etc). He also loves the army guys and dressing up - cat tail, white gloves, and his "cowboy rope" (which he is also holding in this photo, attached to Optimus).

*need to get photo of Kaitlyn and the girls that Eileen took. They all went out to dinner with her family and to a movie. Kaitlyn has had a lot of friend time and outings lately - sleepovers a couple times per week, playing at friends' houses daily (and them over here), etc. Poor Tyler though feels a little left out. We need to find him some friends his age. I'll work on that this fall.

And we can't forget - Kaitlyn lost another tooth! That one has been barely hanging on since our weekend at Audrey's and Kate finally got brave and yanked it out.

Sam has mid-way through a really long and busy month at work. He's not exactly enjoying it. The kids and I have been doing our best to stay entertained. I do some playing with the kids, worked on some crafting (made my own argyle hat pattern!), walks outside when it isn't too hot. Basically just killing time until school starts and life changes again - which will be soon! We did final registration for Kaitlyn's dance class and ordered shoes. First class is next week!

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