Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Week 7

Oh what a full, busy week! We decided to get out of the house on Saturday and tracked down our closest Outlet mall - only an hour away. Not bad and a decent mall at that. We stocked up on pjs for the kids and a few other things.

Here are my little models in their new pajamas. Kaitlyn set up her photo and pose herself - such a cutie.

Monday was Valentines Day! Hearts in the waffles, new clothes, treasure hunt for their gifts, party at school...the kids had a great day. Sam and I had a good one too, though date night was postponed for a couple days.

On Tuesday my parents flew in for a week's vacation. Sam was nice enough to pick them up at the airport by himself since the plane didn't get in until after 10PM. We were all pretty tired the next morning, but I still let Kaitlyn wake them up before she headed out to school so she could at least say hello. They ended up walking to the bus stop with us and being so excited to see the kids that they didn't even go back to bed (well Mom did, but not for as long as I thought she would). Dad and Tyler spent a lot of time playing on the floor with trucks and cranes and stuff. I'm amazed Dad has the interest and patience for it that long. With everyone being tired, we took it easy that day. Didn't really do much more than visit and hang out until the afternoon when we did a quick run into town to grab a few things Mom hadn't packed. When Kaitlyn got home Mom oversaw her homework, Tyler played the Wii with Dad, and I enjoyed the change from the usual after school chaos. We finished up the night playing a new board game. It was nice. A really really nice day.

Thursday morning was an awards assembly at the elementary school. Kaitlyn made put on a dress and asked me to do her hair curly (or as curly as hers gets) so it would be extra cute for it. We were all happy that Grandma and Grandpa were there for one of Kaitlyn's Big Events (even though those things are all unbelieveably tedious and closer to torture than fun, sitting there waiting for the 2 seconds when your kid's name is called). Kaitlyn got a Star Student Math Award, a Star Student Reading Award, and the Roaring Writer award (which as far as I can tell was only given to one child in each class). But because they didn't actually present the awards to the kids at the ceremony (just called the name of each and every child and they all paraded across the stage and shook some hands), Kaitlyn didn't realize she had received anything until she got home and I asked to see her certificates (which the teacher had slipped in her binder).

Thursday night was date night - woohoo! Sam and I got to go to dinner (Joe's Crab Shack) and a movie (Green Hornet) alone together for the first time in maybe 6 months, which was thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed. The kids and the grandparents did their own version of dinner and a movie with KFC and the DVD of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 that Grandma had given them for Valentines Day.

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