Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 Week 6

Is is possible the only note-worthy thing that happened was a quick bath time photo shoot? Well, other than the fact that I painted the play room and guest room. (2 rooms to go!!!)
But back to the bubbles - aren't jetted tubs great places for bubble baths? Not such great places for photos - lots of dangerous water, bad lighting. And at one point the water shot straight out of the tub and hit the wall and mirror because Kaitlyn had knocked one of the jets upward and not realized it before she turned it on. Still shaking my head at that one.
Really, truly that's about it for the week. Sam had drill over the weekend and the kids and didn't do all that much. One day during the week Tyler and I ventured out on shopping trip so that I could finally get prepared for Valentines Day. Gearing up to paint the sun room...

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