Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Week 5

We started out the weekend with some fun - or at least the kids and I did. Sam got called in to work at the last minute so the kids and I went along with our plans without him. We met up with a friend of mine and her family at Chuck E Cheese. The kids have been begging to go there for weeks and we thought it would be a good place for us to get together while the kids played. Well, it was a complete madhouse (not unexpected on a Saturday afternoon right?) so the kids needed way more supervision than I had planned on. But it was still fun, especially for the kiddos. Then we all went out to dinner and us girls took the time to wander through the craft store together.
(had some prints of photos done in games there but didn't take any photos myself - note to self to add them in later when I scrapbook)

Sunday was the work day Sam and I have been dreading since we moved in. It was time to paint our two-story entry and staircase. Not fun. Lots and lots of time on tall ladders and other dangerous places, tense and nervous. And even then we still couldn't reach all of it and ended up taping a paint brush to the end of the roller extender pole and free-handing it. Let's just say it's less than perfect and be happy you can't see the details from down on the ground. But we're very happy to have it done and all in all it looks so much better than what was there.

The day did, however take it's toll and I ended up hobbling for a few days and having to take it easy most of the week.
We also got our first real taste of what I expected North Carolina weather to be like. It decided to warm up for one whole day this week. We stepped out the door for the bus, bundled up as usual, and were hit with with a blast of warm humid air. I'm sure that will be annoying in the summer when the temps are really up there, but for the one day it lasted it was a very welcome break from winter. I hope we get more days like that soon (especially after seeing my monstrous electric bill for the month - eek!).

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